Democracy: Zimbabwe Stylee.
June 28th, 2008

Democracy: Zimbabwe Stylee.

Part I. ZIMBABWE. Mr Mugabe is a thief, a thief who has stolen everything he can from the Zimbabwe people. He has stolen their economy, their rights, their dignity and now he has stolen their presidential seat. Strangely he doesn’t see himself this way. Rather he believes himself a principled, fine and intelligent man who is constantly thwarted by colonial powers and now has been betrayed by his own people. The very people he has done so much to protect from the evil Queen, her evil subjects and their allies.

Robert Mugabe is really just like all of us. He suffers, suffers from feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy, he feels pain and hurt, he feels frustrated for not getting exactly what he wants. But Mugabe chooses not to admit these feelings to himself – he does not have the courage or bravery to do so. Rather he afflicts suffering on all the people around him so that they to can feel like he does. And so he has worked his way to the very epicentre of a terrible quake that is destroying lives, irreparably damaging a nation, pulling down any single good that could possibly exist. And yet for those fortunate enough to watch from outside his dominion of suffering, amid the violence, the terror and thieving, there is a gift. The one and only true gift there is – the gift of healing.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe in all his rage, fear-mongering, treachery and persecution shows us what happens if we don’t face up to our pain, our suffering, and try to heal ourselves. It would make a nightmarish vision indeed if it wasn’t a horrid reality made worse for afflicting a man who wields considerably more power over some people than the average joe. You see if we don’t have the strength to claim our pain, to heal our wounds, we become monsters from it. The pain becomes monstorous, it spreads out and infects others, it can bring an entire nation to it’s knees, it drags our sense of humanity lower than we ever dread imagine. If Mugabe would end his pain he would no longer need to cause pain to others.

Each and every one of us has been hurt, has been wronged, has had hopes that weren’t quite fulfilled as expected. But it is our responsibility to look inside and deal with it, to move on, to forgive if necessary, so that we can find harmony once again amongst the fellowship of mankind. That is what being a decent human being is. That is what we owe to ourselves and to each other.

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