XENOMOBIA in the Republic of Fear
May 28th, 2008

XENOMOBIA in the Republic of Fear

Outbreaks of large scale violence against Foreign Nationals in South Africa have resulted in the loss of at least 42 innocent lives and the displacement of 1,000′s of refugees. Once named the Rainbow Nation for it’s rich melting pot of peoples it would seem the dream of a unified state is becoming a nightmare.

Let’s take a closer look at the once proudly racist nation and follow through a South African Xenophobe’s logic. Let’s presume these people are already good at hating each other as they were taught to do by a regime in occupation for decades. Now lets take a look at how they are now hating anyone who is Foreign, stealing their stuff, taking their lives and their homes, running them out of town. Now where does that leave your individual Xenophobe in SA – who doesn’t like most of the people surrounding him in his country and now doesn’t like anyone from outside his country – with a F*#CKIN’ SMALL PARTY that’s where. While the Global Village expands daily and the Brotherhood of Man reaches out to each other there seems to be a few who are determined to sit in a corner of the earth hating everyone.

How far is that gonna get them?

Answers on a postcard, No Prizes, Competition closed to all Sour Puss, the JUDGES DECISION is FINAL. 1 LOVE.

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