The Amazing Inflation Buster
May 4th, 2008

The Amazing Inflation Buster

Normally if any professional f*cks up he gets in trouble and if they f*ck up real bad they get fired. But there’s one group of people that this basic law of the workplace seems not to apply to. Yes Folks we’re talking about bankers.

Thanks to a small bunch of very greedy people the global economy is facing fallout from what has come to be called the ‘credit crunch‘. These people not only f*cked their jobs up but as a result they f*cked up multiple world economies. Have they been fired? Well one or two, but not most of them, hell no. In fact governments have run to their aid and given them even more money to cover up their f*ck ups and their insatiable greed. What a great job to have, why can’t we all have jobs like this?

Well that’s because we are humans and bankers are not humans they are bankers. Nevermind the world is now in a terrible fix, bankers are still collecting their salaries while many less fortunate people begin to wonder if they will ever eat again. But DO NOT FEAR the paperboy can now reveal a master plan to reduce financial miseries and serve a little justice at the same time – it’s called the AMAZING INFLATION BUSTER. Not only will it quickly cut back inflation but it is powered by, yes, you guessed it – BANKERS. A neat answer to two problems – don’t you think?

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